Commercial Insurance for Non Emergency Medical

Generic auto insurance and general liability policies are not adequate for many business types, and the vehicles they utilize, or services they provide. Very specialized forms of coverage are available, and it’s crucial to find the right policy. This holds true for the very important roles of the emergency and non-emergency medical transport industries.

What is non-emergency medical transport? These companies provide crucial transportation and assistance for elderly individuals, as well as those combating a range of disabilities, illnesses and physical or mental health conditions.

As opposed to a taxi service, which would be woefully unable to help, or an ambulance, which only provides emergency transportation, non-emergency medical transportation serves that area in between. This is when careful assistance and unique capabilities are required, but there is no pressing emergency.

Think about how this type of vehicle and business faces a unique set of circumstances and risks. They are providing cared transportation for individuals who may be in wheelchairs, have a range of medical conditions, and more.

There is also a range of specialized equipment being utilized, and typically there is training involved to help operate it, and provide the core services to the individuals being transported. They may be hired on a one-off basis, or may provide recurring transportation and assistance to clients, and could operate as their own business, or as a contracted service via a nursing home or care center.

Of course, emergency transportation services also require their own insurance coverage, too. This is increasingly becoming a privatized area in certain locales as the world of healthcare continues to shift.

Another niche industry which provides a specialty service with unique vehicles and sets of risks is that of environmental hazard transportation, cleanup and removal. Once again, a commercial insurance policy for this type of business must be tailor-made to the very unique circumstances, specifications and risks being encountered.

These are only a few examples of specialty vehicles and niche industries where very specific forms of commercial insurance come into play. Generic liability policies simply are not up to the task. They won’t protect the business owner or the business in an appropriate manner, and that could come back to haunt them down the road.

As always, it’s important to work with a qualified and experienced individual who knows the ins and outs of these different industries, and the forms of insurance coverage designed for them. Find a policy which is tailor-made for your business, no matter how niche or different you think it may be.