Safe and Sane Shopping is Crucial this Holiday Season

The Christmas shopping season is in full force.  From now until the final deals of the year are announced, you can expect millions of shoppers to hit the virtual stores in search of the best bargains, deals, and cyber steals they can find to maximize their buying power.  It is also a time to be hyper vigilant about your profile and activities online.  Nothing can ruin the holiday spirit like finding out your security has been violated, and your personal information compromised.  With so many stories in the news of ransom ware, wide-spread security breaches and daily threats and collusion, you may be tempted to sit out the online shopping sprees you had planned.  But experts say there are so many eyes watching the dark web now is probably the best time to shop for deals.

Before you let your fingers do the walking in search of great gifts, take time to review some simple tips that will keep you safe.  Simple things like looking for the padlock symbol have become routine, but don’t slip and let something get by you because you’re eager to fill your virtual cart.  If you don’t see the lock, don’t shop because the site is not secure.  Another thing you should do is update your software when asked instead of putting it off day after day.  Doing this might leave you open to a virus that could have been detected and shut down had you allowed the update to go through.  Other things like declining to save your credit card information and use secure Wi-Fi connections should be obvious – yet people fall into these traps everyday.

And if you feel you need added protection, you should turn to the experts at Norton Antivirus for help.  They offer cutting-edge technology for your personal protection in products small enough for your mobile phone, or large enough for your network at home.  There is a solution for every need and budget.

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